Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lights. Cameras. Physical Education!!

And it's showtime!!

On Monday February 9, 2009, we had our first motor development lab at St. Mary's School Cortland. This was the first time I had interacted with young children in a school setting so I was excited to get there and begin the path to my teaching career. And it was much different than I had expected!

Our group, 'Jumpin' Jack and the Jive Five' were placed with the pre-kindergarden children for the first lab. And it was nonstop activities and games the whole time! For such little kids, they all had plenty of energy and desire to particpate. From the moment we entered the classroom, we were drawing, coloring, reading stories, and playing with toy cars and dinosaurs! While each child would love the activity they were doing, they would also quickly grow tired of it and want to play or do something different. While in the classroom, they were still quiet and reserved but that wouldn't last long as we were next to enter the gym...

It was like releasing the flood gates!! As soon as they got into the gymnasium, they started running around and finding things to play with. And even though I'm in good physical shape, it was hard to keep up with them! We played tag games, hula hoop, rolling/throwing/shooting a ball and racing eachother to see who was faster. Each child interacted well with one another and all seemed to be up to the same basic skill level. The energy and excitement was quite a lot to keep up with but everyone did and had a great time!

After this experience, I can say that I had a great time at St. Mary's School. It's fun to work with the kids as well as my fellow classmates. Through this, we will grow together and travel the same path for our teaching career with great experiences like this. I cannot wait until next lab to work with slightly older children to compare with my previous experience and have a great time all over again!

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