Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bon Appetit Fitness!!

On Monday March 23, 2009, we had our fourth motor development lab at St. Mary's School Cortland. This week, we were assessing the students' motor skills of an overhand throw and catching which were incorporated into the activites present today. The theme of this week was favorite foods. Our group presented an activity to the children in the gymnasium. And after our great performance last lab, we were hoping to top it!

After the first group presented their activity, our group Jumpin' Jack and the Jive Five taught our game. Our activity split the children into four groups each at a hula hoop station. There were balls and pictures of unhealthy food scattered on the floor. On each basketball hoop, there were hula hoops hanging off the rims. The task was for one student from each group to come to play area and grab a ball, go stand on a poly-spot, and attempt to throw it through the hula hoop. If they succeeded, they would pick up piece of 'bad good' and bring it to their 'garbage pails' back with their group then the next student would go. After a few rounds of this, the game was altered such that one student would run out and get a ball and return to their group and the next student would run to a poly-spot. Once there, the student with the ball would throw it to the student on the poly-spot so he could catch it and throw it through the hula hoop. This enabled both motor skills to be evaluated at the same time and see how proficient the students were. The skills of these students were mixed with some being at an elementary level and others at an initial level. But for the most part, they all had a great time!

After we finished in the gym, we headed downstairs to the cafeteria. When the kids finished their snacks, we all played little activities. We played such games as Connect Four, checkers, Legos, and we also colored pictures together. The kids seemed to enjoy playing down here a lot. There wasn't any pressure to follow rules and they got to do what they wanted to. When we were done here, we headed back up to the gym for some open recreation activities. I was playing basketball with Shamus and Liam and they were both making all their shots like Kobe Bryant! We then concluded the day with the Macarena ending yet another fun time together.

After this experience, I learned a lot more about the teaching process. It clearly is not an easy one to follow but it is rewarding. While we have had plenty of challenges as potential teachers, we are quickly learning how to fix them and improve ourselves. I cannot wait until we come back next week to teach yet again!

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