Sunday, July 19, 2015

What Type of Digital Footprint Did You Make?

Welcome to the No Spin PE Zone! It’s been nearly four years since my last post and reading back through all of them allowed me to see how I have grown as a teacher and left me nostalgic for my college career. It is nice to be back on here posting and I look forward to (hopefully) posting on here more often. This post is for an assignment in my Communications Technology course through SUNY Stony Brook regarding my digital footprint. Obviously looking back on my blog, I am glad it still exists. However, here are my reactions to the questions provided.

Based on the content provided, what are your greatest concerns with your digital reputation?
Perhaps my greatest concern with my digital reputation is the ease of access in which anyone can literally obtain my information for a few dollars. Much of the information I post on social media is generic and places me in a good light. However, every keystroke is recorded and all of my personal information is stored somewhere ready for someone angry at me or with a vengeance to steal and use against me. I know that there are likely some photos from college out there I’d rather not see but so far so good. It would be a good exercise for students to be given someone else’s digital footprint and critically analyze the good and the bad of it from the perspective of a parent, employer, and friend.

What precautions do you have to take to preserve your digital reputation?
In order to preserve my digital reputation, the precautions I take are simple: don’t post anything stupid and don’t post it immediately. Before anything is posted, I assess how it could be viewed or interpreted and base my decision off of that. I never post about vacations until after the fact and posts are typically vague and neutral as to not incite bias or allow for print outs to be used against me. I typically ‘Google myself’ in order to maintain my image.

As an educator or company your work for, are you held to the same ‘digital reputation’ standard as others?  Is the standard you are held to fair/unfair? Why?
Those involved in the field of education are held to a far higher, and sometimes unobtainable, standard in regards to their digital reputation. One must be very discreet and aware of what they are posting and always be cautious of who may be able to see it. Teachers are perceived as role models in their communities. Any lapse in judgement on social media can lead to their downfall. As a PE teacher, I work with every child and I am well-known by the parents. I ensure that my digital footprint and post only things that highlight my accomplishments in and out of the school. This standard is both fair and unfair. Obviously it is fair for the reasons I listed above. It can be unfair as it may leave many ‘walking on eggshells’ in fear of what could happen.

Whose responsibility is it to teach our children/students to understand/preserve his or her digital footprint/reputation? Educators? Parents? Or is the responsibility on them?
In order for students to understand and maintain a positive digital footprint and reputation, it is up to the collaborative efforts of the student, the parents, and the teachers. One of the new life skills in which students should be competent in is digital intelligence. They need to be aware of what the long term repercussions are of their digital activity. Something that may be worth a hundred ‘likes’ now could be the very same thing that costs you your job in the future. I do think parents play the biggest role in this. There are numerous children in my school who tell me about their Instagram pages when they should not even have one. Hearing it from their parents may encourage them to make the account, but hearing it from their teachers and even from older students could help make it resonate.

Have you or someone you know ever been negatively (or positively) affected by something found online?  Share if you'd like.
I do not personally know of anyone who has even been negatively affected by something found online. However, I continue to hear of situations presented on the local news and it does cause a certain degree of panic. I try my best to keep a positive digital footprint but sometimes cannot help but to think that it would be easier to fall off the digital grid.

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  1. Smart idea, Jack, to not post anything until after your vacation is over!