Monday, October 5, 2009

Ultimate Frisbee Banana Toss!!

On Friday October 2, 2009, we had our second day of peer teaching continuing our Ultimate Frisbee unit in EDU 255 class! For the last few class sessions, we were introduced to the various skills, plays, formations, and techniques involved in Ultimate Frisbee. And after all that, it was time for us to get in front of the class and teach a certain skill or play. After a few presentations by my classmates, it was my turn to teach...

Would you like to hear my lesson? Then have a listen right here!

After practicing the skill and rehearsing what I wanted to say and touch upon, I was ready to teach my lesson. This was a simple monkey in the middle-like activity. Two players were on offense with one other player on defense. When the Frisbee was passed, the thrower followed it and became the new defender while the former defender moved to offense and the other offensive player not had the Frisbee. I started the lesson with a hook that caught the attention of my classmates and got them interested in what I was going to teach. I proceeded to introduce the skill and provide cues and a simple demonstration. The students then broke into groups of three and began executing the task. As they worked, I walked arounf to the various groups and provided feedback to as many students as I could. When I saw that each student was proficent at the task and were performing it with ease, I altered the task as to challenge the students. Afterward, I brought them in and reviewed the cues and objectives of the lesson and provided a closure to get them excited about next class.

Upon listening to the audio from my lesson and the feedback provided from my lab assistants, I noticed several things that went well as well as several things that need to be worked on. One of the most positive parts of my lesson were my attitude, excitement, and enthusiasm. I displayed a positive environment which showed the students I was happy to be there and excited about the lesson which brought them in as well. My voice was loud and clear and all words audible for my transcription. I caught their attention with my hook which is personally my favorite part of the whole lesson plan. By relating the task to monkeys playing keep away with a banana, it gave them a vivid picture for their imaginations to refer. By providing a short and simple demonstration, I made the task look simple and easy for anyone to do. When the class broke into groups and began the activity, I walked around providing feedback to students to reinforce positive behavior and help adjust problems they may be having. When I saw proficiency, I altered the task by removing the backhand pass and dominant hand usage to make it more challenging giving them something to work for. Again, I walked around providing feedback at this time. Following the activity, I restated the objectives and checked for understanding then proceeded to hang the carrot for next class promising them a fun activity in the mud! Upon filling out my time coding sheet, I scored a 5/5. I provided the class with ample activity time and limited instruction time and eliminated waiting time. This gave everyone plenty of time to play!

While I had plenty of positive components of my lesson, there were still small details and areas of which I can improve upon. When I was walking around giving feedback during the activity, I turned my back to the rest of the class/gym to speak to other students. This is an issue as students may be acting out or horsing around behind you. Also, students may get up and leave at any point and as a teacher, you have to be aware that all students are in the room and participating. I also should have provided a bit more specific feedback to the students pertaining to the activity. While I did give congruent feedback, there were still a lot of 'good throws' and 'nice jobs.' Although small, these issues could become larger if not addressed in the future.
Overall, I would rate this experience as a success! I feel as if it is getting easier and easier to get in front of the class and teach. I am much more comfortable up there compared to the beginning of the semester and greatly improved over the beginning of PED 201. I can't wait to get back up in front of the class and teach once again!

In case you could not find them in the analysis, here are the links to my documents!


  1. Jack,
    Outstanding work and thoroughness are becoming your trademarks. Keep it up! Great work with the conference too. Are you an executive for next year? I had a problem hearing your audio. You might want to try linking from within (there's a link to post to your blog from within the site). Not sure what the problem is.

  2. Thank you Dr. Yang! I appreciate it. The conference was an excellent experience. I was a little nervous going into my presentation by I feel that I did pretty good job and everyone enjoyed it. I made a blog post on the experience. Right now, I'm an event coordinator in APEM, an officer, but I don't know where I'll be next semester. Let's hope for the best! I added the link to and left the old player as well.