Monday, December 21, 2009

The Story Behind the Legend

One’s life is commonly defined by the achievements they have accomplished and the impacts that they have on society. We sometimes are unfamiliar with their story and how they came to be such a celeb. Xavier Waddles, the creator of broomball, is such that individual. His accomplishments throughout his life are many and known to all. Let’s take a look at how he achieved international fame.

On December 21, 1976, Luis and Alexandra Waddles welcomed their new son Xavier into the world. He was instantly one of the cutest baby penguins in the province of Ontario let alone the entire nation of Canada. Xavier was the second child born to Luis and Alexandra; their first being a daughter, Colleen. With their new baby boy brought into the world, Luis and Alexandra could not be any happier.
Growing up in Ontario was difficult in the 1970’s. Luis was often out of work as the weather was too warm for ice to form. He then moved his family up to the Yukon province where he flourished in the ice distribution industry. From a very young age, Xavier enjoyed school. He always looked for new and challenging tasks to accomplish. As he progressed through the years in school, he was a standout athlete in ice hockey and won over his high school crush, Angela. Upon graduation, Xavier was atop his class and was accepted into various higher education institutions. He settled on attending the University of Waddles Worth in the province of Manitoba in the Business Economics major. College proved to be a tough time for Xavier. His father died in a freak accident on the job when a whale burst through the ice at the factory causing life threatening injuries to Luis. Xavier was hit hard and suffered emotionally. This made him determined to finish school. He did so in 1998 and attained his master’s in 1999. He then went to the United States for his doctorate in philosophy from Texas Woman’s University. It was during this time that Alexandra Waddles passed away. Xavier was devastated.

In 2002, Xavier moved back to Ontario and married his high school sweetheart Angela. He dedicated the ceremony to his parents and rejoiced. Angela had always been there for Xavier and now, she always would be. They gave birth to their first child, Alexandra, in 2003.

Xavier struggled finding a job following the birth of his child. He eventually began working for ‘March of the Ice Sweepers, Company,’ a cleaning profession. He moved through the ranks and eventually became president and chief executive officer of the company. One particular day was the turning point in Xavier’s career. He and his employees were cleaning the ice one day and began hitting around the garbage on the ice with their brooms. They used the garbage bins as goals and ran around with their sneakers. Having been an ice hockey superstar in the past, Xavier saw something unique. He felt that there was a new sport forming right before his eyes. What Xavier saw was the first game of broomball.

From that day forward, Xavier became an international icon. The game of broomball exploded across the world. Everyone wanted to play it and everyone wanted to have Xavier involved in one of their projects. He was selected as a judge for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games as well as a judge for the new and upcoming iDance competitions. And he ultimately achieved his dream job becoming Professor Xavier Waddles, Ph.D., at the University of Toronto.

Xavier Waddles has faced numerous challenges in his life and has attained the much of his goals he has set out to achieve. He attributes much of his success to the love and support of his family and emphasizes this bond for all people. As his life enters a new chapter, he welcomed a baby boy, Xavier Junior, into the world. New tasks and challenges await him in his future and he will be more than willing to accept. We have yet to see the last of Xavier Waddles.

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