Sunday, December 13, 2009

World's Fair Hits SUNY Cortland!!

On Friday December 4, 2009, the 2nd Annual ExerGame Expo was held in the dance studio in Park Center. On showcase in this world class exposition were some of the lastest and most technologically advanced exergames out on the market. As this was the last day of EDU 255, we all were expected to attend, and we anticipated the day...

ExerGames are new ways to incorporate physical activity into not only physical education but also daily life. As more and more people are remaining sedentary, it is difficult to get them active and engage in physical activity. Many of these people play video games which add to their sedentary lifestyle. What better way to combat this trend then to incorporate fitness into video games. Here at the expo, we had numerous exergames for everyone to try out.

One of the flashiest exhibits was the street fighter game. Here, there were two motion pads and two sense towers available as controls one for each player. In order to defend one's self in the game, they would move using the pads and punch the tower in order to combat against an enemy. This was very unique and I had never seen such a thing before. The NBA 2k8 video game set-up made its return. The object here is to remain on one's 'mini-eliptical' and keep walking while playing the game. The catch? If you stop walking, the game controller stops working. This is a great way to keep people active as it is crucial to play the game. The exercise bike and video game set up made its return as well. One would use the bike to control a car on the video game set-up. The movable controller acted as the steering wheel and the pedals as the gas. DDR was set up for people to try this classic game as well. But it may be becoming obsolete...

The crown jewel of the exposition was the brand new iDance system, a next generation DDR platform. With 19 dance pads and detailed individual feedback and results, this is the one game that was designed for physical education class. We were excited to use this again as we learned it all week. Seeing the reaction of people new to it was priceless. They were truly amazed by the complexity of it.

The 2nd Annual ExerGame Expo was a success! There was a far larger turn out than last year and everyone had a lot of fun. ExerGames are beginning to make their way out into mainstream society as alternatives to traditional physical activity. As this change continues to happen, we as physical educators must work with this and incorporate it when possible. This truly could be a look at the future of physical education.

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