Monday, January 24, 2011

Alright Son Let's See What You've Got!

Day 1 - Monday January 24, 2011
After seven semesters of undergraduate coursework at SUNY Cortland in the Physical Education program, it was time to take these experiences and shape them to fit a real classroom. My student teaching placement is in the Longwood Central School District. I am beginning at Longwood High School. Unfortunately, there is not too much going on as it is school wide regents testing. We will see what adventures this will bring in the coming weeks as we get into it. Good luck to all my peers as we begin this experience together!

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Day 2 - Tuesday January 25, 2011
The first week of student teaching continues at Longwood High School alongside the on-going NYS Regents examinations. There still isn't much for me to do just yet but I discovered that I will be teaching both floor hockey and team handball in the high school. Today I also attended a staff meeting between the physical education, health, and family/consumer science departments discussing the school's budget and scheduling climate. This was an interesting look into the behind-the-scenes of a school district. The rest of the day was spent assisting the department chairperson research some information of the bodybugg fitness tool for potential use in the classroom. This enabled me to work closely with the administrator and discover the purpose and value of such tools. I look forward to this collaboration and beginning to teach early next week!

Day 3 - Wednesday January 26, 2011
As the week progressed, I continued to do small assignments for Mr. Dillon, the department chairperson. I assisted in searching for grants for the physical education program in order to implement new technology into it. It was quite an in depth experience searching through hundreds of grants trying to find ones that fit the criteria. However, it will prove to be beneficial when I go to look for these in my future. The snow began to fall in the late morning and that would lead into early tomorrow!

Day 4 - Thursday January 27, 2011
SNOW DAY! Due to the continually falling snow, Longwood Central School District, along with all but 4 other districts on Long Island, closed for the day. I used this time to organize myself and begin to prepare for the experiences awaiting next week!

Day 5 - Friday January 28, 2011
It was finally the last day of Regents week. The school was rather quite as many students had already completed their exams and the few remaining exams were to be given. There was not much for me to do so I once again assisted Mr. Dillon in completing some assignments for the department. Even though I really did not have much to do, I feel like I did learn quite a bit this week from the interactions with the other teachers and the assignments I completed for Mr. Dillon. Now, I look forward to next week where I will be in the gymnasium for the start of my teaching experiences!

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