Saturday, December 25, 2010


December 24, 2010

Dear Santa,

My name is Jack Murphy and I am twenty one years old. I live in Rocky Point, NY in the United States of America. I am sorry that I was unable to send you my Christmas list sooner but I ran out of time. I figured sending you this message would be the best way to ensure that you received it on time.

Each year, the Christmas season is full of joy and wonder, and magic and happiness. We are always surrounded by the spirit of the season. More often than not we get lost in the flashy new toys and marketing thrown at us from each and every angle. It is very easy for someone to lose sight of the meaning of the holiday and as well as their belief in you yourself. It is easy for someone to lose faith in you and begin to no longer believe. Each year, I am reminded of this:
"Santa exists as surely as beauty and joy exist. One must simply have the courage to shun cynicism and have the faith in things that can’t always be seen. And for those spirited ones, Santa will always exist."
It is with childlike wonder and belief in the human spirit that I know you exist. And while some may lose sight of their belief in you, we need to ensure that they never lose sight of what you represent: compassion and generosity, joy and togetherness, and hope and love.

This brings me to my 2010 Christmas list. I know you are very busy and I know I am writing to you late. With that in mind, I am not asking for anything material but rather a Christmas wish. I have truly been blessed with the friendships and relationships with those I have encountered over the past few years. These people have become my closest and sincerest friends. I consider them family. With them, I have developed memories that will last forever no matter how far we may be apart. They truly have changed my life and I am in grateful debt to them. I truly do love these people. My Christmas wish for 2010: please, allow them to continue to be blessed with happiness and love, good fortune and fun. Sometimes, things in my life have not always gone well and by simply thinking of my memories with these individuals turns a frown into a smile and tears of sorrow into tears of joy. They are truly the glue that hold me together and without them I would crumble. Please, Santa, in any way possible, whatever you are able to do, please continue to make them happy and joyous.

These people know who they are and if you can, please tell them that I truly love them all and that I wish them a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. I cannot wait to see them again.

Thank You Santa. The most proper way I can relay my appreciation is with these two words: I Believe.

With Love,

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