Friday, September 4, 2009

Ambush Teaching Kicks Off the Semester!!

On Monday August 31, 2009, my Physical Education journey began once again with the commencement of a new semester! To kick off EDU 255: Basics of Effective Instruction in Physical Education, Professor Stephen Yang told us what better way to see our skills at work than to begin teaching right away. We were split into two groups and taught a 3-5 minute lesson on a skill using a soccer ball, a basketball, a volleyball, or a football. And after putting everyone on the spot, I was first to teach in my group...

Since I was first to teach, I had to quickly decide which sport skill to teach to my classmates. With my soccer experience, I decided that I would teach a simple lesson on how to properly pass the ball to one another. After my classmates practiced a few times with this skill, I moved to the next step in the progression which was passing to one another on while jogging in a straight line and then back. This turned out quite well as the students all respectfully listened and worked together to complete their task. However, there are plenty of good and bad components of my mini-lesson...

Being that these mini-lessons were a part of ambush teaching, it is understandable to see the mistakes and flaws in the delivery of the performance. Upon viewing my video, I noticed several things about myself. I looked rather 'stiff' and uncomfortable on camera as if I were nervous (even though I was!). However, I was quite confident in myself and knew the material and the skill well enough to give a proper lesson. There were moments where I was smiling and enjoying teaching while there were others where I stumbled. My voice was clear and the delivery of speech was concise. I may have, however, went through the material a little too quickly which could possibly lead to student confusion. There were moments in the lesson where stray soccer balls were lying around and could have potentially been a safety risk. These mistakes and highlights will surely change as I grow as an instructor.

In order to make my class exciting and fun for the students, I need to be more animated and moving around keeping their attention and making them want to be active. I also could use props to visual improve the lesson and relate what I'm teaching to a story or moment they can relate to. Also, not having such a teacher centered model would be more efficient and stimulating. Having the students get more involved and learn not only from me but also each other would increase their enjoyment of the class.

After this experience, I've been getting more and more excited to teach yet again and improve my skills to become a better teacher. As the saying goes... practice makes perfect!

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  1. wayy to go Jack! You are a true inspiration to your fellow physical education peers! I just hope one day i can be as good as you!