Friday, September 4, 2009

A Formal Yet Informal Teaching Experience

On Wednesday September 2, 2009, myself and fellow Physical Education student Pat Wingler began our lab assistant responsibilities for PED 201: Motor Development. The lab was not at St. Mary's School but rather in the rock climbing gym in Park Center. It would be the 201 students, us lab assistants, and Dr. Yang. Earlier in the day, we were told by Dr. Yang that would could decide what activities to do with the students in the lab on our own giving us freedom to test our skills...

Before the lab, we sat down with our Adventure Activities notebook and searched for activities. When we found a handful of activities we agreed on, we were ready for the lab. Upon arriving, we were introduced and got into an instant activity; Buffalo Bill Tag. The students were very enthusiatic and were having plenty of fun playing the game all the while listening to Queen music. We then transitioned to Triangle Tag as well as another tag game. Following these games, we introduced Chuck the Chicken. This activity had the students working in groups to quickly attain their goals before the others did. Everyone was very active and had great attitudes toward us and eachother. We then moved onto a name game where we would go in a circle saying our name and something we liked to do and the next person would repeat the people's before their's and themselves. This turned out great as the students all go to know each other's names and more about eachother. After a quick debrief and a photo, we completed our first 201 lab assistant duties.

This experience was truly important as it put us on the other side of the mirror. We were the one's running the activities and ensuring that everyone was participating and having a good time. Although we had some flubs here and there, Pat and I had done an excellent job and we look forward to working with these students again in the future!

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